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11 December 2011 @ 12:29 pm
Follow my new tumblr if you would like to see more of my graphic (since i'm too way busy to making new icon i will just gonna make tumblr graphic D;) if i know you and you tell me who you are i will follow back. WARNING : my blog is not quality. i just created it 1 day ago LMAO
08 October 2011 @ 10:42 am
( i'm back !!! )
Did anybody missed me while i was gone xD
Finally ! Just to let you know,i am still busy with high school.Yet, I decided to come back to livejournal and tumblr (yessss my new tumblr is now sonialegit and yeah, i deleted my old one go follow me if you wanna see more of my edits and goodies xDDD ). So yeah, for right now i will stop posting my personal stuff in this journal since its not too private, but still, i will keep editing stuff and make goodies for everyone in my 2 sub-blog which is immausless and neonajuyepeoyo. If you have any request, please go to these blog or go to my f-locked and i will answer it right away. I will work harder since i haven't been here for the past 3 months and i felt guilty because i left behind so many things i haven't get a chance to finish. By the way, high school life is not that bad since i'm always an average student LMAO.